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Diary & Appointment Manager

We manage your appointments

Call answering & appointment making

Diary & Appointment Manager

We take your calls on your behalf and manage your appointments.

The TeleMatrix telephone service is very simple:

Whenever you cannot answer the phone, are talking to customers or want to work in peace, your Diary & Appointment Manager takes the calls in your company name.

Your caller will not notice this, but will be pleased that you are available. You decide at any time when you want to use our service and have your appointments arranged by us.

Perfect support for self-employed people, physiotherapists, craftsmen and hairdressers.

The service for all those who do not earn their money with the telephone alone

Diary & Appointment Manager


Then, when you are there for your patients!


Then, when you are working on the construction site.


Then, when you are cutting a customer’s hair.

Real estate agents

Then, when you are in the process of viewing a new property.

Quick support for you

Call answering in 5 steps

Ready for use in a few minutes

Our telephone service can be set up within a few minutes. Your Diary & Appointment Manager will then be there for you immediately.

Your specifications

With just a few specifications, we can start working for you. Just let us know how you want your Appointment Manager to answer the phone. We will do everything according to your wishes.

Telephone service with simple call forwarding Whenever you can’t or don’t want to take your calls personally, set up call forwarding to your Appointment Manager.

We answer your calls and arrange your appointments

Incoming calls are now answered by your Diary & Appointment Manager according to your instructions and your appointments are made.

Immediate information

Immediately after the call, we send you a call note by e-mail or SMS.

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