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Call Centre

Latest technology and highest standard of quality


For TeleMatrix, the highest standard of quality and data protection are indispensable during the field phase. Motivated and highly trained interviewers and a professional CATI system are the basis for this. We set high standards while selecting, schooling, coaching and controlling our interviewers. Furthermore, we attach great importance to keeping our systems up-to-date with latest technology. The telephony and the storage and processing of relevant data take place solely in Mainz.

Facts and Figures

  • Location: Mainz, city centre near the main train-station
  • Reach: worldwide
  • Software: Voxco
  • Technology: 50 CATI stations, live-monitoring
  • Interviewer: flexible team of about 200 agents, share of academics about 90%, more than 25 languages
  • Skills: B2B, B2C and individual target group specific orientation


Our multicultural team of interviewers handles worldwide calls – for our internationally active clients. All interviewers telephone in their mother tongue and are mostly academics. The central location of our call centre in the Rhine-Main area in the university city of Mainz offers great recruiting possibilities. All interviewers are intensively schooled before starting their active work and are schooled continuously.

Before beginning with a project, our interviewers are schooled specifically to adapt to the demands and contents of the research issue. The supervisors regularily coach the interviewers. We pay an above average fixed hourly wage rate.



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